Vox pop: Novan (25)

Respectful conversation and debate is important for a healthy democracy. Through our vox pops we chat to young Aussies about what matters to them, how they get informed and other important stuff like who they would make PM if they had all the powers.

Name: Novan

Age: 25

Occupation: Boffin at Y Vote

If you could choose ANYONE (fictional, dead or alive!) to be our PM, who would it be and why? 

Waleed Aly. Seriously, how can one person be so constantly on-point?

Australia invents a new $500 banknote. Which Aussie do you put on there and why?

The Queen. By whom I mean Lee Lin Chin. Because nobody else enriches my life like a first class news anchor with maximum swag.

What are the top 3 issues that will be influencing your vote at the next election? Why?

I wish I could choose more than 3! But anyway, ecology (renewables and climate change), a fair and equitable economy and public education. I think these are big-picture issues and we're screwed if we skimp out on them!

Can you elaborate on any of the debates and/or policies that will be influencing your vote in regards to the issues you mentioned?

I mentioned issue(s) of ecology first for a reason, It's so broad and covers so many other policies and issues, so I'll elaborate on that.

You can't really talk about ecology and sustainability without also talking about a fair and equitable economy, like whether people can afford and access stable electricity from renewable sources without forking out half their income. You also have to consider public and private goods or ownership as far as the energy grid and production is concerned. For instance, the NSW state government under the liberal party such favour partial privatisation of the state electricity grid in order to make it more efficient, which they claim will raise several billions of dollars for the state. Its opponents are concerned that it will in fact raise the cost of electricity due to the profit motives of private enterprises, and that it will be unaccountable to the public interest.

It is also an issue greatly affected by the world views and personal beliefs of our government's more conservative members, which as we know has resulted funding cuts towards climate change research and innovation, and makes the scientific consensus on the matter appear to be erroneous at worst or debatable at best.

The federal and state economies also become relevant issues here, especially when it comes to considering our mining industry and how it's contributions to our economy are framed by our parties, where the Coalition highlight (and in my view, overplay) its boons while seeking continued economic growth through burning and selling fossil fuels, while the Greens in particular wholly oppose it and see it as out of step with a world veering towards divestment from fossil fuels, seeking instead to invest in renewable energy sources as a viable industry

How do you get informed about politics?

I love the ABC, and watch Q&A a lot. But apart from a range of news outlets, I follow a few state and federal pollies from different parties on Facebook to see what they're up to and what's going on in parliament.

How do you decide who you’re going to vote for? Do you vote for a party, a party leader or based on the local candidate running in your electorate?

I vote according to a party's values and worldview, what issues they choose to prioritise and their sense of what's fair and just. So I choose the party, and I vote for their rep in my electorate.

If you were hosting an election countdown party, what songs would get some essential playlist action and what pollies would you invite?

John Howard even though he's retired because I hear he's a great DJ. I'll leave Albo and Ewen Jones to do the playlist. It'd have to have at least one Midnight Oil track on there, and Fight For Your Right by the Beastie Boys.

ICYMI: It's the Prime Chinister herself and Albo in one glorious video:

Lee Lin for Logies win: ft. DJ Anthony 'Sexy' Albanese

Time to get breezy with DJ Anthony 'sexy' Albanese, the official musical act for Lee Lin Chin's 2016 Logies campaign.#LeeLinforLogieswin #PrimeChinister #TheFeedSBS

Posted by SBS 2 on Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Images: Primechinister: http://probablyacat.tumblr.com/post/129067049538/linchin4prez, John Howard: BuzzfeedVideo source: SBS Facebook.