7. It affects your life AND the issues you care about

By: Charlotte Lever


If the past few Federal elections are anything to go by, future elections will be fought over issues that truly affect young people.

As voters, we are continually faced with competing visions about how Australia should deal with fundamental issues from all sides of politics, including climate change, negative gearing, minimum wages, tertiary education and unemployment – amongst many more. The subtext underpinning many of these issues, especially in the way they affect young people, is intergenerational equity – that is, whether young people get a fair go now and in the future.

The same can be said for the issues that underpin recent State elections.

During the Victorian state election campaign of 2018, the focus was on how political parties proposed to deal with problems of population, transport and infrastructure. These are issues that have an impact on our daily lives and will affect us into the future. There is no doubt that upcoming elections will be waged over issues that affect young people.

This gives us an opportunity to reward the parties that recognise the value of the youth vote and speak to the issues we care about, and out the candidates who ignore us.

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