6. One vote can make a difference

By: Charlotte Lever



Nowadays it is much more common to see elections in all levels of Government that are extremely close.

Gone are the days of the landslide victory – many elections are determined by a small number of votes in a handful of seats.

Take the 2016 Federal election:

Taking what we already know about the number of young people who are not even enrolled to vote and adding the fact that many marginal seats have been decided by under 1000 votes, it becomes even clearer that the votes of young people really can determine the outcome of seats and elections.

If this trend continues, we might even see a repeat of the 1919 Federal election, in which the Nationalist Party defeated Labor in Ballarat by just one vote!



Young people will heavily influence the outcome of the 2019 federal election:

ICYMI: Youth enrolment is at an all time high. There are many electorates where the margins are small and the youth population is large (up to 25% of the electorate).

Triple j has analysed some of they seats where young people hold the most power.

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