4. Your vote ensures the funding of future political campaigns

By: Charlotte Lever

If you live in a safe seat and don’t vote because the party you support isn’t going to be elected, then you’re effectively depriving them of the cash monies they could use to fund future campaigns. How?

The Australian Electoral Commission distributes approximately $2.60 in campaign funding for every vote received by candidates who get more than 4% of the primary vote. The situation is similar in most states where candidates and parties receive funding, which is calculated in part by how many first preference votes they have received.

The number of votes a party or candidate receives therefore dictates how much money they have to spend on subsequent elections, which determines their prospect of winning in the future. As such, if there are candidates you support or parties you want to see elected, your vote will give them a bigger war chest to fight future campaigns, especially if they are small or under-funded.