Young people could be a deciding factor in this election. 

About 800,000 people under 30 either didn’t enrol to vote, didn’t rock up or didn’t vote properly at the last election. Do you want your voice to be heard?

it's your move. 

We're all passionate about something whether it's jobs, climate change, tax reform, finance, marriage equality, access to Uni and TAFE or even being incredibly enthusiastic about...motoring? 

Team your passion with your perfect political match.

Send The Thinkergirls, Stace and Kristie, a video to their Facebook with your name, age, area of residence and the topic you're most passionate about! It's then our job to find your perfect political match! We will compare where the major parties stand on YOUR passion as well as other fun ways reflected on The Thinkergirls show 7-9pm Weeknights on the KIIS network - all so that you can decide who you want to vote for in this election.

compare party policy to find your perfect political match

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