The 2016 Federal election was an important opportunity to increase young people's voices in democracy.

So, what went down?

We reminded politicians of the importance of engaging young voters in their electorate and by highlighting the power and influence of young voters. Thanks to folks like The Guardian, Hack on Triple J and many others, this message reached tens of thousands of people. 

We also worked alongside some other amazing organisations to increase youth enrolment. This resulted in unprecedented rates of youth enrolment, including a jump from 51% to 71% amongst 18 year olds! But this was just the beginning...

One of the biggest barriers to voter participation (not just for young people btw) is the feeling that your vote won't make a difference and also knowing how to cut through all of party rhetoric to figure out what their policies are and who to vote for. Often, because of this, many people choose to donkey vote, vote how family & friends tell them to, or simply not rock up.

To tackle this, we partnered with our mates The Thinkergirls for
'Gen Y: It's Your Move'. This campaign highlighted that the outcome of the election could come down to young people and every vote makes a difference, which is why it's so important to get passionate and make an informed vote.

Young voters all around the country called Stacey and Kristie on the KIIS Network to talk about the key issues influencing their vote and tens of thousands of young voters listened in as well as accessed the Y Vote blog in order to find their perfect political match. 

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Young people could be a deciding factor in this election. 

About 800,000 people under 30 either didn’t enrol to vote, didn’t rock up or didn’t vote properly at the last election. Do you want your voice to be heard?

it's your move. 

We're all passionate about something whether it's jobs, climate change, tax reform, finance, marriage equality, access to Uni and TAFE or even being incredibly enthusiastic about...motoring? 

Team your passion with your perfect political match.

Send The Thinkergirls, Stace and Kristie, a video to their Facebook with your name, age, area of residence and the topic you're most passionate about! It's then our job to find your perfect political match! We will compare where the major parties stand on YOUR passion as well as other fun ways reflected on The Thinkergirls show 7-9pm Weeknights on the KIIS network - all so that you can decide who you want to vote for in this election.

compare party policy to find your perfect political match

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