eight things you might not know about voting, but should

It’s official – there is a big problem getting people aged 18-30 to vote. Some of us are not enrolled at all, while others are enrolled but don’t find the time or aren’t interested enough to vote in every local, State and Federal election.

I can understand that feeling - there have been many times during multiple elections where I didn’t really want to vote.

Voting takes time and effort, and you have to do it on a Saturday - a day that I usually reserved for working at my casual job while I was at university.

I’ve heard the same from my friends. Many of them have said that they don’t even know where they are enrolled to vote because they’ve moved so many times, or they just feel like their vote won’t make a difference anyway.

In this page, I’ve taken on the challenge and compiled 8 short and sweet reasons to convince just about anyone, including my past self, that you should get down to the polls next election day.