Catriona Morgan


My friends describe me as a 'social butterfly' which is a nice way of saying I talk A LOT.  I spend my time working (mostly chatting and having fun) with our amazing team of politics nerds and community engagements experts. I do all sorts at Y Vote but mainly work with Skye on fundraising, operations and in the engagement teams. I like to dabble in lots of different projects but generally I get involved with collaborative, game changing and inspiring organisations. So, Y Vote is a perfect fit!

I am currently living in cold cold Melbourne. I have worked as a legal practitioner and in the not for profit sector for over eight years. Last year, I spent time finishing my Masters in Law specialising in development which meant I drunk at least 5 cups of coffee a day, put on 10 kilos and dreamt of having an assistant type for me. I am currently working for Keep Victoria Beautiful where I manage programs and campaigns. I am passionate about many causes but what really drives me is any opportunity to create positive and meaningful impact. Whether you are a volunteer, a philanthropist, a potential partner or a uni bum, give me a bell to have chat about how you can be involved with Y Vote. 

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