Rebecca Young


I am a music agent at one of the world's largest talent agencies.  I became involved with Y Vote after being shocked by the number of young people not enrolled to vote. I am an agent in WME's Music department based in Sydney. My current clients include Chet Faker, City Calm Down, D.D Dumbo, Hermitude, Meg Mac, Milwaukee Banks, The Rubens, Vancouver Sleep Clinic and more. WME's international roster includes Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Frank Ocean, Morrissey, Jack White, The Weeknd and The Killers. I also graduated from The College of Fine Arts at UNSW in 2011.  I use my expertise in the areas of events and marketing to help build the organisation. I also assist with bringing on board and liaising with Y Vote ambassadors, who will help share our message with the youth of Australia.