Matt Eriksson


I'm Matt and I am one of Y Vote’s in house designers. My interests include surfing, going to the gym and drinking with my mates. My interests definitely don’t include politics or voting, well at least they didn’t before Y Vote. Six months ago my interest in politics was a big, fat, absolute zero; I didn’t even enrol to vote until I turned 23, 5 years after the required date, and even then the only reason I did enrol was under duress (a fine of $110). I didn’t feel the need to enrol any earlier because I felt that my vote didn’t matter, I didn’t know who to vote for and I figured that the vote of a guy in his 20’s wasn’t going to make a difference or create change. Then, I began working with the Y Vote team. Y Vote is a platform to create change. It gives the youth of Australia a tool to learn more and do more with their vote. So where do I come into all of this? I have the great enjoyment of turning Y Vote teams' thoughts and ideas into reality through digital and print media; from posters to videos. The range of Y Vote collateral is extensive in its goal to reach as many young Australians as possible through as many means as possible.

Remember, I’m Matt and my interests include surfing, going to the gym, drinking with my mates, politics and voting.