6 tools to help you make an informed vote this election

Just in case you missed it, the Federal election is happening THIS Saturday and in order to make sure young voices are heard (and you don't spend the next 3 years regretting the fact that you didn't have a say) you need to make your vote count. Also, side note, voting is compulsory for every enrolled person over the age of 18.

Whether you are politically savvy, slightly aware of Australia’s political landscape or have no idea on how to vote or who to vote for, we’ve collected a bunch of tools to help you make an informed decision this election. Below are our top picks of tools to help guide you through where you sit in comparison to the major parties. Before you hit the polling booths we recommend you use at least of these tools to get a better idea of which party best represents your views. 

1.     Y Vote – Policy Comparisons

We teamed up with our buds The Thinkergirls to find out what young people all around Australia are passionate about and collated a quick, easy-to-read policy articles so you can find out where the parties stand and which one aligns with your views. Listeners also sent in questions to our 'Ask a Nerd' forum and we have posted some of the answers up including links to other awesome election resources specific to that topic. 

2.     ABC - Vote Compass

Not so fond of the reading? Opt in for a simple quiz on where you sit in comparison to each political party. 

The Guardian’s comparison of each political party and their policies.

4.  ABC - Where the parties stand on the big issues.

What you need to know about how the major parties' policies stack up. Or see where the parties (including the Greens) differ on policy.

5. Scorecards. 

Want to find out about where the parties stand on a particular issue? Do a quick search of that topic with the keyword 'scorecard' and you'll find a plethora of interest groups have done the hard work for you. The key thing to keep in mind is that they are as they sound - interested and advocating a position on that issue. Of course, no issue stands in isolation to other issues and context is important. But they are a good place to begin.

6. How to vote

The senate ballot is different this year, so whether you're a first time voter or just want a quick update on the voting process, check out our 'how to' guide so that you're prepared to number all those boxes on the metre long ballot paper!!!