Ask a nerd: agricultural policies and looking up your electorate


Is there a website that sums up the policies of the different people we can vote for? Coming from an agricultural background, there are a few things I would like to weigh up, but I'm not sure who's offering what.


Hey Jordy, 

Good question, and thanks for writing in! 

The two major parties and the Greens have pages on their website that are dedicated to agricultural policy. 

For the Liberal party, they are focused on continuing to deliver their $4 billion agricultural plan to strengthen Australia’s agricultural industry. Their page called ‘Our Plan’ has a list of their other policies.

For the Labor Party, they’re proposing to increase productivity and sustainable profit to keep agriculture and regional communities growing into the future. It’s part of their ‘100 Positive Policies’ and you can see the rest of them here

The Greens are focusing on boosting funding to agricultural research and development for a more sustainable and efficient agricultural sector, boosting Landcare funding by $722 million and reverse the backpacker’s tax to assist agricultural and regional employers. You can check out all of the Greens’ policies and initiatives for the coming election right here

But there are certainly more parties than just the two majors and the Greens, and some of their representatives might be running in your electorate. There are also independent candidates. So what if you want to find who exactly is running in your electorate, who the individual candidates are and what they have to say about the issues that matter to you? 

The way I like to do it is to head on over to the ABC’s page dedicated to the coming federal election. Punch in your electorate or your address if you don’t know what electorate you’re in. 

Towards the bottom of the page, it will have a list of who is running for a seat in the election, and under that it will have a short description about the candidate and a link to their website if they have one. 

Hope this helps Jordy. It’d be cool to hear from you again, we’d love to hear if you got the info that you were after and if it’s helped you make up your mind. 

Happy voting!

Novan at Y Vote